How do adults find friends in the real world?


So my boyfriend leaves for basic on September 9th.
Is there anyone who can give me a piece of mind about what exactly it’s going to be like.
Will he be able to send me letters, or contact me?
I’ve never had anyone leave for the army around me and I’m not quite sure how this goes :/


Anyone out there in the tumblrverse who has overcome an extreme phobia of cars?

Going to my written drivers test sometime next week and I literally cannot get into a car without a panic attack. Forcing myself to do it anyway and trying to concur the fear I’ve had for as long as I can remember…

I’m really glad to have found you post. I too have a fear of driving and have recently scheduled a test.
What has overcome a lot of my fear had been being thrown into situations. It takes a lot of courage, but I managed to practice driving in unknown areas with a passenger. I ask them to slowly coach me through it and eventually I became much more relaxed.
I have not attempted highways yet but my test is in another month.

Just remember that you CAN do this, practice WILL make you better. It really does help to have a soothing passenger as well.
Goodluck! :)

Overcoming a fear

I’m 22 years old, going to be 23 in November. One thing that has always separated me from others was my fear of driving. I have been afraid of cars and driving since I can remember. When I met my boyfriend (who lives in a different state) I knew I was going to have to do something about my fear.

Reading other posts has helped me pull through, and I am proud to say I have scheduled a test for September. I’m still scared to death but hopefully I will overcome it.